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Název:The critical problem of the truth
Autor:Fuchs, Jiří
Žánr:filosofie, noetika
Jazyk: anglicky
Nakl. údaje:Praha : Krystal OP
Rok vydání:2000
Rozsah:208 str.
Anotace:This second book of classical philosophy studies is dedicated to the noetic, which scrutinises the reliability and extent of human thoughts - a difficult theme indeed, but of key importance. The positive noetic evaluation of thoughts is not only a necessary condition of the entire science, but it also means the primary foundation of philosophy as a whole. If we take into account that not only a historical timeframe of ideas, but also the truth, is what pays in philosophy, we can reach a fundamental revision of contemporary noetic (mostly sceptical) ideas. The author here attempts to prove truthfulness of realism. But it is not a simple return to classical realism - his position is critically deepened in confrontation not only with post-Cartesian philosophy, but also with the unnecessary dogmatism of numerous realists. The main idea of this book is shaped primarily by the shift from a historically prevailing accentuation of the psychological aspect of knowledge, to a more legitimate noetic aspect in the framework of the theory of knowledge.
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